Small Business Training Application

Small Business Training

Advancing Minority-Owned Businesses


MBF’s Small Business Training

1. Fill out the application entirely (one application per applicant).
2. Your financial statements for last year (balance sheet and profit & loss statement) must be submitted or emailed to If you are a new business, enclose financial statements for the last six months.
3. Optional: To provide us with a better understanding of your skills and qualifications, email your resume to
4. Submit the application.

Please note, only one applicant per company will be accepted.

1. In business for at least six months
2. Minority-owned (minimum 51% minority owner)
3. Domiciled in Miami-Dade County (as stated on occupational license)
4. Business must be in existence for more than six months
5. US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident
6. For-profit businesses only. No sole proprietorship or nonprofits.