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St. Alban’s Child Enrichment Center

In March of 2017, Miami Bayside Foundation awarded a gift of $35,000 to increase the capacity of St. Alban’s Child Enrichment Center’s Summer Literacy Program from 45 to ver 120 students.

St. Alban’s Child Enrichment Center provides personalized educational programs for children between 6 weeks and 5 years old as well as providing various services for them and their families. The organization was established in 1949, and currently has 200 children at their two Miami-Dade locations. The students and families come from predominately minority, single-parent and low-income households, with an annual income of $12,000 and below.

The mission of St. Alban’s is to provide courteous, convenient, comprehensive, quality child care and family services. MBF’s gift of $16,890 will purchase 7 iStartSmart terminals for St. Alban’s Coconut Grove location, which currently serves 134 children. The iStartSmart is a “revolutionary all-in-one touchscreen computer learning system specifically designed for young children” created by Hatch, Inc., a provider of educational technology.

The terminals provide personalized learning experiences with games and themes that turn math and literacy lessons into adventures for students. When a child masters a core skill, the terminal unlocks more advanced activities. The terminals help teachers track each student’s progress and personalize their learning. They will also allow for the parents to track their children’s progress.

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Breakthrough Miami

In November 2012, MBF presented a gift of $50,000 to Breakthrough Miami. This organization provides a tuition-free, eight-year academic enrichment program which serves motivated students from disadvantaged communities attending 5th through 12th grades. The program uses a student-teaching-students model to ensure that students have access to excellent high-school opportunities, graduate from high school on time, and attend college.

The funds will be allocated over the course of five years, $10,000 per year, to Breakthrough Miami’s programs located in the City of Miami and will benefit City of Miami minority students.

“This generous gift and multi-year commitment to our program by MBF makes an important statement about investing in the future of our community,” said Alicia Rodriguez Bower, Executive Director of Breakthrough Miami. “We are truly grateful for their leadership and their support.”

Formerly known as Summerbridge Miami, Breakthrough Miami is the largest and most dynamic affiliate of San Francisco-based Breakthrough Collaborative, which has 33 sites nationwide. Today, Breakthrough Miami serves more than 1,000 students from across Miami-Dade County on sites located at five independent schools and one public charter school. Last year, 100 percent of the program’s senior class graduated and 98 percent went on to a competitive 2 or 4 year college or university.

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The Education Fund

In 2016, MBF awarded a gift of $10,000 to The Education Fund, an organization with a mission of maximizing every child’s potential and ensuring each one graduates with every opportunity for success. The gift was allocated to the SmartPath program to benefit students at Miami Jackson Senior High School and Booker T. Washington Senior High School in the City of Miami. Through this program, students participated in college clubs, college field trips, and college fairs as well as FAFSA completion and asset mapping workshops. With the Miami Bayside Foundation’s support, students in both schools researched and then toured colleges and universities throughout Florida helping to bridge the gap between high school and college for many of these students.

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Before going on The SmartPath College Tour I felt as if an HBCU* will be the same as high school. However, it was the total opposite. There was so much vibrant and radiant energy that allowed me to feel comfortable. I felt diversity between the same Race. There were African Americans from so many different states, bringing different dialects and fashion to form a cultural environment. It was so nice to experience this, and I want to genuinely give my appreciation for this experience.


Booker T. Washington Senior High School & Ed Fund Student

That moment of stepping on campus was the moment I knew that college was my only option for the future. Because of this tour that was funded for me by the Miami Bayside Foundation I got an experience with my senior class that is unforgettable and that I wholeheartedly appreciate.


Booker T. Washington Senior High School & Ed Fund Student

NFTE – Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship

In May 2013, MBF presented a gift of $50,000 to Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Inc. (NFTE), an internationally recognized organization which provides programs meant to inspire students from low-income communities to stay in school, to recognize business opportunities, and to plan successful futures. The funds will be allocated over the course of five years, $10,000 per year, to NFTE programs benefiting students that are residents of the City of Miami.

MBF recognized the need to support education for young people at a pivotal age before they transition to making long lasting career decisions. Partnerships such as these are advancing the goal of the Foundation by supporting programs that provide skillful training and tools for underprivileged minorities.

“NFTE’s approach to entrepreneurship education provides a powerful motivational spark for at-risk young people. We are delighted to partner with the MBF to impact at least 500 students at Booker T. Washington Senior High School over the next five years, opening new doors to the future,” said Alice Horn, Executive Director of NFTE South Florida.

NFTE provides an entrepreneurship education curriculum for use at the middle school and high school levels. To date, NFTE supports business education for more than 500,000 young people from low-income communities in programs across the U.S. and around the world. NFTE believes that business education will foster an ongoing cycle of learning and innovation which will therefore lead to job creation.

Students participating in NFTE are engaged in a “learning by doing” model. Ultimately, each student will work towards creating a business plan from their own ideas to be presented in the classroom. The top students are invited to participate in NFTE Business Plan Competitions all over the world. Finally, winners receive funding that can be used for their business or education. For more information on NFTE, please visit

NFTE Success Story – Chevon Williams 

Chevon Williams is the 1st place winner in the NFTE Booker T. Washington Senior High School Competition. Formerly homeless, Chevon now has a full scholarship to attend University of Florida. Read More.

LHOC – Little Haiti Optimist Club

In 2014, MBF partnered with the Little Haiti Optimist Club (LHOC), an organization that strives to impact the youth of the surrounding Little Haiti community in a positive way, to provide afterschool programs to the youth in the area. MBF’s support provides opportunities for thirty additional children to take advantage of LHOC academic and life excellence programs during the 2014-2015 school year. By working together MBF and the Little Haiti Optimist Club will be able to achieve their purpose of empowering young people to reach their highest potential.

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I do not speak English so I can not help my child with her homework. I can not afford to enroll my child in an after school program but when I heard that this program was free I came right away. Thank you Bayside Foundation.

Ynese Casimir

What they don’t learn in school they learn here. The kids have a better chance to succeeding in life with the care and support they receive in this program.

Jonathan Lewis

I have two girls in the program. They love it. Now thanks to the Bayside Foundation I don’t have to pay. This has helped me a lot. Thank you so much Bayside!

Rosita Francois

Miami Bayside Foundation Grant Recipients

MBF enhances our community by working with individuals, businesses, and organizations to advance economic development in the Miami. Grant funding supports charitable groups and programs that are engaged in economic development and educational programming for minorities.

  • Booker T. Washington Senior High School College Tour
  • Breakthrough Miami, Inc.
  • D.A. Dorsey Technical College
  • Florida International University
  • Florida Memorial University
  • George T. Baker Aviation Technical College
  • Lindsey Hopkins Technical College
  • Little Haiti Optimists Club
  • Miami Children’s Museum
  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)
  • SBDC @ FIU
  • The Education Fund
  • YWCA
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