The Miami Bayside Foundation (MBF) has an invitation-only application process and does not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals. MBF’s Board members and staff actively engage with the community and seek out grantees based on the considerations below.

Lasting Impact Within the Community

MBF is committed to economic development in Miami through the support of minority businesses and education. MBF strives to create real and lasting impact through our grantmaking and is dedicated to making and facilitating change in Miami.

Through our programs and grants, MBF has formed partnerships with organizations that provide programs and resources for minority students in the City of Miami. These programs have enabled students to excel in early learning, school readiness, primary and secondary school, as well as transition to and succeed in college and/or the world of work.

Important Considerations

What We Don’t Fund

Grants are not awarded to:

  • Individuals
  • Political Causes
  • Organizations that discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, handicap, familial status, or national origin;
  • Activities, projects, or programs that will be completed before funding becomes available (i.e. no retroactive funding)
  • General Operating Expenses
  • Activities, projects, or programs that operate outside the City of Miami

Other Factors We Consider

  • Does the program fit our mission and align with our core values;
  • Is the constituency of the organization comprised largely of low income, underserved, and/or otherwise disadvantaged populations in the City of Miami;
  • Does the organization demonstrate sounds fiscal management practices;
  • Does the organization demonstrate impact and past success; and,
  • Is a methodology described regarding how the organization will measure success in achieving their goals?
Make a Donation

By contributing to MBF you have an opportunity to impact job creation, encourage economic development and improve the future of Miami.

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