Advancing Minority-Owned Businesses Through Training Programs and Workshops

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We run several programs throughout the year in support of small business owners. All of our programs are comprehensive and developed to address the most important aspects of building and owning a thriving business.

Financial Training for Small Business

MBF Financial Training

Join us for the Miami Bayside Foundation (MBF) Financial Training!

Participants that attend both financial workshops will gain an in-depth understanding of financial statements, budgeting, projections, and cash flow.

Day # 1: Financial Statements, Budgeting, & Projections

  • Learn to understand, analyze, and interpret financial statements to make timely, educated decisions about your business. Create projections that allow for planning the growth of your business.

Day # 2: Manage Your Cash Flow

  • Understand the difference between profitability and cash flow. Managing the timing of when money enters and exits the company is crucial to business’ survival and growth. Understand how to manage your growth and know how to properly finance.
MBF Digital Marketing Series Truist

MBF Digital Marketing Series

This in-depth training program will prepare you to use digital marketing to pivot and grow your business. Live classes with subject experts will be followed by one-on-one sessions. 

Session 1: Marketing Principles

Session 2: Marketing Strategies

Session 3: Amazon

Session 4: Website

Session 5: LinkedIn

Session 6: Instagram

Session 7: Facebook

One-on-One Sessions: Mentoring with Subject Matter Experts

Seminario Taller Para Pequenas Empresas

Seminario-Taller Para Pequeñas Empresas

Fortalezca sus habilidades como empresario mientras aprende cómo obtener Capital!
Durante 7 sesiones aprenderá sobre mercadeo, contabilidad, planes de negocio y proyecciones, estados financieros, consideraciones legales y crédito, ventas, seguros, y tecnología.

Sesión 1: Misión,” Elevator Pitch” o Discurso de Presentación, Marca y Mercadeo

Sesión 2: Mercadeo Digital 

Sesión 3: Principios de Contabilidad, Planes de Negocio y


Sesión 4: Entienda sus Estados Financieros 

Sesión 5: Consideraciones Legales y Crédito 

Sesión 6: Certificaciones para Pequeñas Empresas y Minorías

Sesión 7: Ventas, Seguros y Tecnología.

Other Programs Available Through Our Community Partnerships

In addition to its loan program, the MBF provides valuable business tools and resources such as counseling and training in business development and management and other related services, through partnerships with local community organizations engaged in economic development.


Announcing a partnership in 2011, the MBF teamed up with the Miami-Dade chapter of SCORE, the premier resource for small business advice and mentoring in America. This partnership allows candidates and future minority business owners recommended by MBF access to all of SCORE’s services free of charge. This includes one-on-one mentoring as well free registration to their ongoing workshop programs offering the tools needed by small business owners.

SCORE Miami matches startup business owners with more than 100 working and retired executives who donate their time and expertise as mentors.

The MBF allows for any qualified candidate to receive the organization’s resources free of charge, including:

  • Group workshops offering specialized training such as social media, funding your growing business, hiring, buying a business, accounting, cash flow, creating a business plan, using QuickBooks, and website development.
  • Online courses and podcasts on various topics.
  • Confidential small business counseling with experts in a variety of fields to help start and build your own business, all services are free of charge for qualified candidates.

If you are interested in participating, please call (305) 379-7070 or e-mail

To find out more about SCORE Miami visit To view a list of upcoming SCORE Miami workshops, click here for their calendar.


Prospera, formerly The Hispanic Business Initiative Fund of Florida, Inc., is the leading Hispanic economic development, nonprofit organization in Florida specialized in providing bilingual assistance to Hispanic entrepreneurs trying to establish or expand their business in Florida. Prospera offers a variety of services specially designed for Hispanic small business owners.

The MBF has partnered with Prospera to offer entrepreneurs in the City of Miami business seminars, workshops, business consulting, as well as entrepreneurial grants. Topics covered include how to fund your business and finding resources for your growing business.

For more information about the HBIF and workshops offered please visit

Small Business Development Council (SBDC)

The Small Business Development Council at Florida International University (SBDC at FIU) brings local companies a team of highly knowledgeable business consultants that offer confidential, no-cost advising to entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow. In 2014 the MBF initiated a partnership with SBDC at FIU to provide their minority business clients access to expert advice in order to launch, grow, and renew their businesses.

To find out more about SBDC, visit

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