Miami Bayside Foundation Offers Small Business Training in Little Haiti

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Press Release

Miami Bayside Foundation Offers Small Business Training in Little Haiti

Sponsored by Magic City Foundation, City of Miami, and Little Haiti Cultural Complex

Little Haiti, Fla. – Starting Tuesday, February 13th, the Miami Bayside Foundation – sponsored by the Magic City Foundation, the City of Miami, and the Little Haiti Cultural Complex – will present a Small Business Training for minority-owned businesses.

Minority-owned businesses ready to take their business to the next level, will have the opportunity to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills during the 5 week, 10 session program while learning how to prepare to access capital. The series of workshops, which are taught by experts in the field, provide business owners with essential tools and skills to grow their companies including contracts, budgeting and cash flow, branding, digital marketing, etc.

Kathleen Murphy, Executive Director of the Miami Bayside Foundation said, “We are proud to present small, minority-owned businesses the knowledge and tools to prosper. This would not be possible without the generous contributions made by our partners and donors, who have ensured that the Small Businesses Training is a growing success.”

The Small Business Training is made possible thanks to sponsors like the Magic City Innovation District Foundation. Its mission is to increase opportunities and promote progress and prosperity for the residents of Little Haiti, the surrounding community and greater Miami in general.  The Magic City Innovation District Foundation is dedicated to giving back to the local community and invests in the mission of organizations like Miami Bayside Foundation’s Small Business Training because of their mission to provide business owners with the tools to grow and help the Little Haiti neighborhood to prosper.

Neil Fairman, Chairman, MAGIC City Innovation District Foundation said, “We are thrilled to be able to partner and serve the community alongside the Miami Bayside Foundation. We have worked to become active participants in the local community and organizations, such as this one, that provide small businesses with the tools to take their business to the next level.”


About the Miami Bayside Foundation

Miami Bayside Foundation (MBF) is a nonprofit organization designed to advance economic development in the City of Miami through the support of minority businesses and education.  MBF seeks to do this through the creation and administration of loan programs for minority businesses, through the creation of programs and educational scholarships for minorities, and by providing technical assistance to minority-owned businesses.

About the Magic City Innovation District Foundation

The MAGIC City Innovation District Foundation is a charitable fund at the Miami Foundation, a 501(c)3. It provides funding and support to programs that benefit the local community and facilitate growth, in partnership with community leaders, activists, organizations and government entities. The organization’s mission is to enhance the Little Haiti and greater Miami community and the lives of everyone who lives and works in Little Haiti and beyond.



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