Tips For Small Businesses From IT Professionals

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Miami Bayside Foundation

IT Professionals Day is in September and we wanted to recognize all the tech pros out there that help us leverage technology to make our lives better… whether education, communication, convenience or anything else that technology affords us.

We asked our IT experts to share one tip they would give small business owners and this was one of the top ones:

Every small business owner should use custom email addresses. Instead of using an @gmail or @yahoo or @me email address, they should use a domain email such as admin@yourdomain

Why is this important?

•Gives the business credibility – This is crucial when the business has not yet built recognition.

•It is an effective marketing tool – 72% of consumers prefer communication via email and email is 40 times more effective at acquiring leads than social media. (You can’t use an Email Marketing Platform without a domain email address)

•Maintains security – Giving out your personal email address to the general public can increase exposure to hacking and other data breaches that can cause damage to your business and its reputation. This is a way to limit that exposure. Helps stay out of the spam folder – A non-domain email address sending e-blast will likely get sent to spam or even worse, get suspended. Having a proper domain email address can prevent that.

•Helps prospects and clients easily identify where emails are coming from – An email coming from df1962@gmail isn’t going to represent the brand well and will likely be deleted by the intended recipient before it’s even opened.

Would you agree that these IT professionals are the heroes of modern businesses?

Sometimes they are under-appreciated so we wanted to take the day to thank all of them for their hard-work and dedication to help others!

If you have any questions about setting up an email, reach out to us!

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